Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Born to Stitch

Greetings! It's always amazing to me how quickly the time passes, especially when I consider how long it's been since I posted to this blog. I saw a great cross stitch pattern that said "Born to Stitch, forced to Work." I'm not sure where I saw this and I don't know the designer, but it's exactly how I feel a lot of the time. The two hours of stitching time I have every evening is just not enough time for me to accomplish what I want to. I've been working on Betsy Monday-Friday and making great progress--I'm thinking I'll be able to finish her yet this week! On the weekends I've been working on the rest of my WIP's including Lizzie Kate's Boo Club, Crows, Corn and Cats by Goode Huswife, and Oh Mother Dear cupboard sampler by the Sampler Girl.

I also have a huge list of things kitted up and ready to start, as well as a long list of goodies to purchase from the St. Charles Market! I just love Primitive Needles' Witches Hollow, LHN's The Library, and several Plum Street Samplers offerings, not to mention Carriage House Sampling's Christmas at HRH. The Goode Huswife is also planning to release reprints of some OOP charts as well as another book. In order to afford all this, I'm definitely forced to work.

Oh, well, at least I have this creative outlet I enjoy so much. I'm so happy that we have so many talented designers out there offering their gorgeous designs to us. We've also got a great many fabric and fabric choices--it is mind boggling at times but I wouldn't want it any other way.

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