Friday, August 28, 2009

One of My WIPs

This is a freebie from Midsummer Night Designs from last year, Love Bird. It has been a quick stitch so far. I hope to finish it this weekend. I really love how the colors go together. I don't have pictures of my WIPs but hope to get them this weekend. I have about half of Betsy completed and have started stitching on the peacock. I believe this is the first peacock I've ever stitched! Suddenly I've developed a fondness for everything peacock. Another WIP is Sheep in the Meadow, a freebie by Shepherd's Bush. It should be a quick stitch for me but the isolated stitches and backstitching have put me off. I am getting close to finishing and will love the finished design because of the colors. I also started Oh Mother Dear by The Sampler Girl and Bless This Home from CCN. Oh Mother Dear is a quick, fun stitch.

That's all for now--Have a good weekend!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Travels and Stitching

This weekend we'll be travelling to Oklahoma to meet this handsome couple and my sweet granddaughter! Of course we have to make a stop at The Silver Needle in Tulsa!

The first cross stitch I ever did was a stamped cross stitch baby sampler in 1982. I remember a lady at my table during coffee break was stitching this sampler and I liked it so much I found out where she bought it and I got myself one to stitch for my 2nd daughter who was born in March. I was immediately hooked and stitched a pair of Hummel children for my mom (also stamped). Eventually I bought a counted cross stitch kit from Current magazine. It was a small design with a coffeepot and some fruit and stitched on Aida with DMC floss--very basic. I still have the piece but have never framed it. We had one craft store in town that sold kits, patterns, fabrics and floss. A few years later I discovered we had a very nice cross stitch store in town and I started stiching with linen and using sampler threads. Unfortunately, this store closed its doors in the 1990s. We started traveling to Omaha for soccer tournaments and I found a store there dedicated to cross stitch. I made sure to visit this store whenever I was in the area (much to the soccer player's dismay). We either stopped before or after the game and I got to spend some time and money there. This store also closed before too long and I had to content myself with a yearly excursion to Des Moines for the cross stitch festivals that were held there in the 1990s. Luckily for me the internet became available and it opened up a whole new chance for stash building!

I love to visit cross stitch stores when I'm traveling and have been able to visit quite a few in Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Texas and Colorado. I always check to see if teh shop is still open when I'm planning a trip. I'm always quite sad to hear that another shop has closed.